John Maas has designed and made many things ▼. Web work includes the MGSA, artists Ann Shostrom, and Kim Hoffnagle, a public art project in Albania, Arms to Arts,some pro bono work including a WordPress design /develop for Food Sovereignty Ghana along with [sic] the usual corporate gigs.

He takes a lot of photographs, along with posting to Instagram. He occasionally makes moving pictures to view on Youtube and has a desultory presence on LinkedIn.

Practicing stillness one day, he took this photograph of an Eastern tiger swallowtail showing interest in Joe‒Pye weed.

He could have just been lucky.

Art nouveau plant stands
Balcony & stair railings
Bending & welding jigs
Candlesticks & candelabra
Custom corrugated packaging
Digital publications
Garden gates, fences & trellisses
Window & door gates
Loft and house renovations
Pot racks & trivets
Processional cross (1)
Signage & place navigation studies
Staircases (both steel and wood)
Tables & chairs
Trade show display booths
and sculpture for that matter ▶

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