pool pool sigzag flyt Cabbage white Angles laundry gehry Pond figure wireframes tanks Red wall boira lines MACBA white Angles
arrow lines stump tower Gowanus window branches 3 chimneys Veg entropy reflect gowanus tanks Black and white lines Ochre wall blacktank jagged
façade Rooftops stump pool chimney book Nike Nike curtain wall cactus pool pool 56 Leonard goldmansachs shadows Goose pollard shadow goose
blue curves2 cactus curves2 flat mirror fountain window refle stairwell tarpaulin half folds folds folds hosta crumple bulkhead

In which I make a valid excuse for picking up a camera and pointing it at whatever comes in view. Here I present you with a variety of groups of photos, some taken in short bursts such as the black cloth on the yellow background with the helpful intervention of the wind which was two different one time events spanning ~30 minutes. Others such as the reflections of the sky in a swimming pool were taken over a period of about a year. Yet more are related by subject matter such as line, object, color, or some such. I leave it to the viewer to make their own analysis. While the groups of photographs have titles (more for my own benefit to keep organized), none of the images are titled or they are all 'Untitled', as in every picture tells a story, don't it?

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© John Maas