I was first taken by this 45+ years ago at the British Museum. These photos were taken at the Caixa Forum Barcelona.

“Marble figure from the 1st century B.C., perhaps an acroterion, of winged Nike in flight, her garment billowing behind her. This statue is about life-size, and is represented in rapid motion. The form is slight, as if that of a young girl. She wears a long chiton, over which is a diploidion girt at the waist; a small scarf hangs from the right arm. The drapery is deeply cut, to express the violent agitation of the movement. The head, left arm from above the elbow, right forearm and greater part of the wings are missing. The statue is unfinished at the back. Possibly architectural or from a victory monument of some kind.

Excavated at Halicarnassus, now Bodrum, Turkey.”

© John Maas